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​Chris Black is a Freelance Photographer based out of Winnipeg, MB.

Whether it's a wedding, a graduation, a golden anniversary, a sporting event or a sweet 16 party; these milestones only come once in a lifetime. Your event is worth celebrating in style and worth hiring a photographer to help capture the memories forever. 

 Chris started early on in life assisting his photojournalist father in the dark room and learning the basics of film, lighting, style, technique and composition. He continued on with his interest throughout adolescence and received 5 years worth of vocational photographic training. 

Having been trained in photography before the digital age; Chris’s photos are beautifully composed, honest, and flattering portrayals of his subjects; needing little to no digital retouching or adjustments. Specializing in on-location shoots, Chris can create stunning images using simply his surroundings and his subject. 

Whatever the occasion, Chris can be depended upon to produce a wide and wonderful range of shots for you to choose from. 
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