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  • Weddings
Wedding Packages range from:
$700 (Ceremony or Formal Shots only) to...
$2500​ (Full day from prep until end of the reception).

We also offer a "Make-Your-Own-Combo" option which allows couples to customize and pay for only what they want. This is especially good for brides on a budget! 

These rates do not include expenses incurred associated with travel, accommodation or venue usage fees.

Please contact us for further info!​

  • Portraits (Family, Couples, Individual)
1-2 Hour Photo Session​ is: $100 - $250

​This includes a USB stick containing the best shots from your session, for you to print from as often in the future as you would like.

  • Headshots (Actors, Musicians, Models)
1 Hour Basic Outdoor Session: $200
1 Hour Portable Studio Session: $300

In both cases you will be shown between 5-10 proofs. Your 2-3 favorites will be given to you on USB stick for all your future printing needs. 

  • Pets and Infants
1-2 Hour Session: $150 - $300

More challenging than the average Portrait Session, please ensure that your infant or pet has everything they need to have a successful shoot. We suggest feeding and changing your infant shortly before the shoot, so that they are calm, sleepy and happy during the shoot. For pets, we suggest you bring treats or a favorite toy to keep their attention. 

This includes a USB stick containing the best shots from your session, for you to print from as often in the future as you would like.

  • Events (Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Fairs, etc...)
Cost is variable. Estimates can be provided based on the length of the event, and includes costs of editing time. ​You will be provided with a USB stick filled with images from your event.

Usual Costs:
1 Hour shooting at event (+ editing time): $200
2 Hours shooting at event (+ editing time): $400
3 Hours shooting at event (+ editing time): $600

  • Commercial (Tourism, Advertising, Promotional, etc...)
Costs would be negotiated based on hours spent on the project as well as usage of the images. 

Contact to discuss...​

Chris Black Photography Services
At Chris Black Photography, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

Just call or e-mail us and we can provide you with information on what we can offer and the costs associated with each option. Below is a basic estimated price list (prices can vary depending on your specific requests). 

However, we are flexible and open to all types of photo projects. if you have a special request in mind, that does not really fit into one of the categories below, please send us an e-mail and we can discuss.

We offer customizable options for the following types of photography: